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Energy Systems

A Novel Multi-Objective Optimization algorithm using ML for Economic load dispatch in Micro-grid.

Energy Systems

Frequency based energy tariff system using IOT integrated  smart meter

Power Electronics

A Novel Single Phase Sine PWM Wave Inverter with Reduced Switching Loss

Power Electronics

A Novel Sin PWM Inverter with A DC Link

Energy Systems

Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM module and Analog Energy Meter

Neural Network

Determination of Inflation rate of India using Regression

Energy Systems

ZIGBEE Based Smart Energy Meter 

Neural Networks

Long Term Electricity Demand Forecast using Neural Networks

Project Management

Advanced Electrical Topology for Smart Cities

Embedded Systems

Intelligent Routing in IOT Devices using Machine Learnning


IOT Based Medicine Dispenser and Web Application

Neural Network

Early Detection of Rheumatic Heart Disease using ML


Detection of AorticValve Diseases Using ECG

The paper describes the importance of ECG in detection of heart abnormalities. This article presents a summary report about the recent advances in the methodology and technology in detection of Aortic valve diseases using Electro Cardio Graph

Design of Droop Control Scheme for Parallel Operating Inverters in a Microgrid

The article gives the droop control scheme for two inverters operating in parallel. Further the control scheme has been simulated using Simulink

Designing of an AC Micro Grid

The article aims in designing an AC micro grid with 2 renewable energy sources and a storage element. The design is shown with the help of a schematic and necessary reasoning for choosing the desired element of the grid

Ajmer Smart Grid Project in India

The article gives the highlights of the Ajmer Smart grid project which was launched in India. It gives a brief description about the functional structure, and technical specifications

Effect of Harmonic Injection in AC-DC converter

The paper deals with harmonic injection. The paper concentrates on understanding what harmonics are in general and in electric circuits particularly. The paper gives a detailed overview about the main sources of harmonics, their disadvantages and the steps to curb it specifically in the electric circuits

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